Friday, 13 April 2012

keeps you in touch with paranormal powers

Are you fan of paranormal? 
Don't just do any experiment to achieve paranormal ability. The experiment will not be a big success because your entire mind is not prepared,somewhere you are the skeptic inside your  mind. You have to remove this hidden skepticism from your mind in order to gain paranormal ability. Mind is the real keyword behind human powers.Please don't simply close your eyes and say I removing skepticism and believing paranormal. This kind of meditation is wrong conception.You can remove it  gradually through the journey of your mind from normal to paranormal.Reading lots of paranormal books and having extensive knowledge about paranormal makes the journey of your mind to paranormal.The core of magic is in mind.Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain. The brain run on bioelectricity. Bioelectricity is the energy that is used for magic and manifestation. I am not trying to make people believe as I do believe in paranormal.But I know there are others like myself who want to research all they can.For those of you just begining  your journey-know that you have found the right place. There is no field of study as enthralling, and as exciting as the ".STUDY OF PARANORMAL "
 Stare a good light ..for 30 seconds at the mark” X” in the eyes of the skull>then at a sheet of paper or a wall continue your gaze fixedly for another 30 seconds. 
Can you see the GHOST??!

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Play oijaboard here>>Try your luck...!!

Halloween Graphics for MyspaceAsk your question to dead. If you get lucky ...!!! You may know your future.Turn off the light please.

1..In the first box"your name" 
2.In the second box"Year of your birth"
3.Click on "begin"           *****

Scary Flash Games                                              
 Ouija Answer Book
 Seeking Answers?     
The future is HERE! this   fun answer book acts as a personal, portable diviner.                      
Flip randomly to different pages in the Ouija Answer Book. Each page is printed with a letter, number, yes or no response. Write each response on a piece of paper until an answer that satisfies you is revealed. What does the future hold in store for you? Find out inside....
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